SXSW 99 -- I Was There and So Were You.

SXSW 99 -- A Wacky Photo Remembrance

I won.

This big hunk of wood and metal says that 0sil8 is the best personal site of SXSW '99. Surprisingly, they got the name and URL correct.

Check it out now, the funk soul brother.

Lance, looking like he's going to throw down and start some shit.

I'm tired, I'm funky.

Maura, throwing down. Lance is either: a) very sleepy, or b) using The Force.

It's a boy!

Bryan is throwing down. Or having a was hard to tell which.

Is that a camera?

I took a picture of Gregory taking a picture of Molly and Maura. Bryan dropped the ball by not taking a picture of me taking a picture of Gregory taking a picture of Molly and Maura. He's got the camera right in his hand!

The intently staring pair.

Lance might or might not be picking the nose of someone just off-camera, and John has accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior and is peering skyward to try and catch a glimpse of Him. Either that or he's staring at a bit of goo on the ceiling shaped like Lucille Ball.

Takes you back to kindergarden, doesn't it, folks?

While Drue is showing Maura how to chop a Styrofoam cup in half with her bare hands, Bryan has a stomach ache.

I'm with Satan!

Here, John is not acting like his usual, calm self. Janelle and Harry look on. Well, Janelle is looking on, but Harry is probably updating his site with the latest on The Phantom Menace.

Three people, with flowers.

Misty, Lane, and Maura being Misty, Lane, and Maura. It would be more interesting if Misty was being Lane, Lane was being Maura, and Maura was being Misty, but that just didn't happen.

Here comes the man in black.

Maura and Carl chat at the Frogdesign party while the back of Bryan's head listens. Owen gazes off into the distance, pondering the meaning of it all.

What the hell is that?

John takes second as Lance wins first prize in the Silly Face Contest. Gregory doesn't appear to be trying that hard.

Does my being this close to you upsetting?

Drue has just had ice cream and is pretty damn happy about it, thank you very much.

David, Drue, Derek, Shauna, and Lance outside talking. That's it.