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America Is Refusing to Learn How to Fight the Coronavirus. Instead, we have "a pattern of failure following failure, with each successive failure normalized by the last".  nymag.com
New nonfiction from Nicholson Baker – Baseless: My Search for Secrets in the Ruins of the Freedom of Information Act.  bookshop.org
After early success, Israel is facing a resurgence of Covid-19 cases. This bit seems relevant to the reopening schools debate: "Schools — not restaurants or gyms — turned out to be the country’s worst mega-infectors."  thedailybeast.com
Cities should greatly reduce the number of cars allowed and give the reclaimed space back to the people. Here's what that could look like in NYC.  nytimes.com
Whoa: "The Supreme Court on Thursday ruled by a 5-4 margin that nearly half of Oklahoma is an Indian reservation in the eyes of the criminal-justice system."  nytimes.com
PRINT magazine revisits a 1968 piece called The Black Experience in Graphic Design and interviews Black creatives about what's changed. "It is hard to believe that this article was written in 1968. More than 50 years later, very little has changed."  printmag.com
Fascinating new DNA evidence suggests early migration from South America (specifically from what is now Colombia) to eastern Polynesia sometime before circa 1150 ACE, possibly arriving even before western Polynesians did.  nature.com
"There's overwhelming evidence that the criminal justice system is racist. Here's the proof." A massive review of studies of racial bias in policing, our legal system, etc.  washingtonpost.com
The formation of "social pods" (small, trusted groups that isolate together) can be very helpful in limiting the damaging effects of long-term social isolation.  gen.medium.com
Nerissa Zhang, who is a Black woman, sent her startup's pitch deck to several VCs who publicly stated wanting to invest in Black-owned startups. She got 0 responses – until she sent the same messages from her co-founder husband's email.  thebolditalic.com
Oprah Winfrey, Nikole Hannah-Jones, Lionsgate and The New York Times to Adapt The 1619 Project Into Film, TV Programming and More  theroot.com
Doctors in the UK are seeing mildly affected or recovering Covid-19 patients come down with "serious and potentially fatal brain disorders".  theguardian.com
American Fascism: It Has Happened Here. As Langston Hughes once said, "In America, Negroes do not have to be told what fascism is in action. We know."  nybooks.com
Listen to Tom Hanks, people! "Wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands. That alone means you are contributing to the betterment of your house, your work, your town, your society as a whole. And it's such a small thing."  latimes.com
"The United States has formally notified the United Nations that it is withdrawing from the World Health Organization." Seems about right – the US government doesn't care about the health of its citizens.  statnews.com
Black Death, COVID, and Why We Keep Telling the Myth of a Renaissance Golden Age and Bad Middle Ages. "The Renaissance was not a golden age to actually live in, even if it was a golden age in terms of what it left behind."  exurbe.com
Great, honest, and engaging interview with Thandie Newton.  vulture.com
The Pandemic Experts Are Not Okay. American public health officials – ignored, attacked, overworked, underappreciated, frustrated, and fatigued – are at risk of burning out just a few months into a years-long pandemic.  theatlantic.com
Tennessee Williams with Air-Conditioning. "There is no need to sweat or shout in such a small, well-chilled apartment. I can be heard across the room without raising my voice. Look, I have created a chore wheel for the three of us..."  newyorker.com
Pre-order Black Futures, a collection of work by Black creators edited by Kimberly Drew and Jenna Wortham. Really excited to see how they put "images, photos, essays, memes, dialogues, recipes, tweets, poetry" into a cohesive whole.  bookshop.org
I'm a Direct Descendant of Thomas Jefferson. Take Down His Memorial. "The time to honor the slave-owning founders of our imperfect union is past."  nytimes.com
From Science magazine's senior photo editor, the most memorable photography of the pandemic so far.  blogs.sciencemag.org
A discussion of appropriation & and equity of access in the food/restaurant world. "All food is fusion, so why does it matter who is cooking what?"  instagram.com
A great review of the filmed version of Hamilton by Siddhant Adlakha. "The show's more idealistic elements feel illusory in hindsight. It was made for a different America, and today, it's easy to wonder whether that America ever existed at all."  polygon.com
Why are US cases of Covid-19 increasing while deaths are decreasing? "The answer is simple. It's called Simpson's paradox and it's the result of incorrectly pooling data and arriving at a false conclusion."  twitter.com
Descendants of Frederick Douglass read excerpts from his famous speech, "What, to the American Slave, Is the Fourth of July?"  npr.org
When the Fourth of July Was a Black Holiday. "The Fourth became an almost exclusively African American holiday in the states of the former Confederacy - until white Southerners...snuffed these black commemorations out."  theatlantic.com
Is the Fourth of July worth celebrating? "After Juneteenth, it's hard to overlook the hollowness of American freedom."  thenation.com
Popular Mechanics on How to Topple a Statue Using Science. "To break the statue from its base, split into two teams on either side and work in a back-and-forth motion."  popularmechanics.com
Anti-racism work is supposed to be hard. "There should be tears. There should be grief and guilt. There should be shouting and bad words and silence. There should be wariness, even at the best of intentions."  columbusalive.com
A reminder that for some patients, problems from Covid-19 infections will "persist for months, years or even the rest of their lives". It's not just deaths – the nonchalance some have about this virus is astounding.  nytimes.com
The brutal truth about the pandemic in the US from Zeynep Tufekci: "Americans should plan for one more year of this with their family or community."  twitter.com
David Gallagher's photo project You Have to See This Place: Kickstarter backers picked a geographic location and he sent them a print of the photo he'd taken closest to that spot.  dfg.nyc
A list of the 2020 Apple Design Award Winners.  apps.apple.com
Coronavirus Brings American Decline Out in the Open. "Without fixes for infrastructure, education, health care and government, the U.S. will resemble a developing nation in a few decades."  bloomberg.com
Sun Ra's Full Lecture & Reading List From His 1971 UC Berkeley Course, "The Black Man in the Cosmos"  openculture.com
The CDC: "The coronavirus is spreading too rapidly and too broadly for the U.S. to bring it under control."  cnbc.com
The Climate Strike license is "a software license that developers can use to prohibit the use of their code by applications or companies that threaten to accelerate climate change through fossil fuel extraction".  github.com
"A new strain of flu that has the potential to become a pandemic has been identified in China by scientists." (Note: This is not about Covid-19. It's a new thing, Huzzah!)  bbc.com
In order to curb its Muslim population, the Chinese government is forcing Uighur women to undergo pregnancy checks, IUD insertion, sterilization, and abortions. "They want to destroy us as a people."  apnews.com
The Golden State Killer, a former police officer, pled guilty to 13 murders and dozens of rapes, home invasions, and burglaries.  latimes.com
The head of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, says that although we're six months into the pandemic with 500,000+ people dead worldwide, "the worst is yet to come".  bbc.com
Reddit is cracking down on harassment & hate speech. Way too little and way too late.  nytimes.com
A list of 86 Angelic Troublemakers to Reset America, including climate activist Xiye Bastida Patrick, Ava DuVernay, Jameela Jamil, Stacey Abrams, AOC, Wesley Lowery, Nikole Hannah-Jones, and Colin Kaepernick.  ozy.com
What Activities Are Safe As the Coronavirus Spreads? "It's going to be particularly challenging in a place like the US, which seems to have some of the least tolerance of any place in the world for the pain brought by the lockdowns."  newyorker.com
Some advice from health experts on travel and vacations during the pandemic. "I'm following the public health guidance from [the CDC] to stay at home and limit non-essential travel in order to slow the spread of Covid-19."  cnn.com
There's been unusual volatility in the cheese market.  nytimes.com
Legendary designer Milton Glaser has died at the age of 91. He designed the “I ♥ NY” logo, among many other things.  nytimes.com
As of August 1, it will be illegal for adults to wear a face mask in North Carolina. The state's anti-mask law, intended to target the Klan decades ago, has been temporarily suspended due to the pandemic.  wral.com
What We Know About the Killing of Elijah McClain. "I was just going home. I'm an introvert. I'm just different. That's all. I'm so sorry. I have no gun. I don't do that stuff." This is straight-up murder of a black man by police.  thecut.com
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