I used to take my camera with me pretty much everywhere I went, taking almost 7000 photos in a 5 year span. Here are some of them.

Skiing at Mad River (Dec 2005)
Saigon, Vietnam (Nov 2005)
Bangkok, Thailand (Nov 2005)
Hong Kong (Nov 2005)
Summer 2005 (Oct 2005)
Ireland (May 2005)
Paris, France (#2) (Apr 2005)
Paris, France (#1) (Apr 2005)
The Gates, NYC (Feb 2005)
London, UK (Jan 2005)
Faces of London (Jan 2005)
Republican National Convention protests, NYC (Aug 2004)
Helicopter ride in NYC (Aug 2004)
Vacation in Anguilla (Mar 2004)
NYC High Line (Feb 2004)
Paris in the summer (Jun 2003)
Copenhagen, Denmark (Jun 2003)
The Internet Bookmobile (Apr 2003)
NYC anti-war march (Mar 2003)
New York in the snow (Mar 2003)
A month in Paris (Nov 2002)

In addition to those galleries, here are some photos I've posted previously on kottke.org:

Fun with stereographic photography (Jan 2003)
Las Vegas (Sept 2002)
Oxford, UK (July 2001)
London 02 (July 2001)
London 01 (July 2001)
Radiohead concert, Oxford, UK (July 2001)
Misc. Paris (May 2001)
Grand churches and cathedrals of Paris (May 2001)
Antwerp (May 2001)
The Louvre (May 2001)
Antwerp Hotel (May 2001)
L'Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris (May 2001)
Tour Eiffel (May 2001)

For more even more photos and photo-related links, check out the photography tag.