Updates on previous entries for Sep 24, 2009*

posted by Jason Kottke   Sep 25, 2009

Is cropping a photo lying? orig. from Sep 17, 2009
The baked bean index and other economic indicators orig. from Sep 21, 2009
Picturing Burj Dubai in midtown Manhattan orig. from Sep 23, 2009
SiteKey sucks orig. from Apr 12, 2007
An abundance of death orig. from Aug 18, 2009
The history of Levi’s jeans orig. from Aug 25, 2009
Astronomy Photographer of the Year winners orig. from Sep 10, 2009
The McFarthest Spot orig. from Sep 23, 2009
What a well-placed $20 gets you orig. from Sep 24, 2009

* Q: Wha? A: These previously published entries have been updated with new information in the last 24 hours. You can find past updates here.