Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture

posted by Jason Kottke   May 27, 2005

Some friends and I recently went and checked out the Little Boy exhibit at the Japan Society.

Little Boy: The Arts of Japan’s Exploding Subculture explores the culture of postwar Japan through its arts and popular visual media, from the perspective of one of Japan’s most celebrated artists. Focusing on the phenomenally influential subcultures of otaku (roughly translated as “pop cult fanaticism”) and its relationships to Japan’s artistic vanguard, Takashi Murakami explores the historical influences that shape Japanese contemporary art and its distinct graphic idioms.

Fire by Hideaki KawashimaIt’s a good exhibit, but I’m not sure it’s worth the $12 entry fee. My favorite pieces were the paintings of Hideaki Kawashima, particularly Fire (depicted at left) and Smile.

The exhibition is open through July 24 at the Japan Society at 333 East 47th Street in Manhattan.