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Map of Manhattan from 1879

posted by Jason Kottke   Apr 05, 2004

Map of Manhattan from 1879.

Reader comments

benApr 05, 2004 at 2:13PM

i found my building :)

SkyeApr 05, 2004 at 3:29PM

Wow, that’s really something. I downloaded the image file (MrSID format, 33 MB) and installed the MrSID viewer/browser plugin (Windows version) to get a better look at it. There are Mac versions of the plugin on the web, but I could not find any on the official website. It lets you view the image full screen, which in my case means 1280x1024 instead of the max 640x480 that the LOC website allows. You can also print and save the image as a regular jpg/bmp/tiff file.

I ran into This page selling a CD of public domain maps has a bunch of thumbnails on it. If you paste the map title into the LOC search page you should be able to find a jumbo MrSID version. Not a big deal, but I like thumbnails rather than blind links.

gApr 05, 2004 at 4:54PM

If anyone can find a direct link to a Mac plugin, it would be much appreciated.

SkyeApr 05, 2004 at 5:40PM

one (473K) - “This is a self-extracting archive file which you should be able to double-click to extract. It will run in Classic mode under OS X. The file may not run when double-clicked in Mac OS X, in which case you can simply have StuffIt Expander open it. The resulting file will be identified as a Classic application.” From here.

two (642K) - ” Save this file, quit your browser, then drag the file into your Applications folder on your Mac OS. The application is now installed. No further installation procedure is required. You can then restart your browser.” From here.

three (About 2MB)- “The MrSID Browser Plug-in 1.3. When the download is complete, double-click on the installation program, “MrSID Browser Plug-in install” (located on your desktop). Follow the prompts to complete the installation. After installation is complete you will need to restart your browser.” From here.

It seems support for the mac was dropped at some point. Don’t know how well these will run on a current OS/Computer. Good luck!

jkottkeApr 05, 2004 at 6:20PM

Thanks for all the info, Skye. Using the thumbnails page, I found the image (specifically the “The City of New York” title at the bottom) that I used as an inspiration for Gawker logo typeface.

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