posted by Jason Kottke   Mar 20, 2003

Get a load of this March 4th posting from the TVBarn discussion list:

A senior producer who shall remain nameless, at a major cable television news operation based in the southeastern United States which shall remain nameless, told me today with a wry confidence I found quite amusing that the "the war is scheduled for the evening of March 19th."

The war pretty much began last night on March 19th. Coincidence or has this war been planned for weeks and was that information shared with the media? (thx Greg)

Update 3:20pm A kottke.org reader writes that a high ranking member of the Reserve Forces Policy Board says that the two week period from March 15-30 was scheduled months ago as the start of the war with Iraq. The RFPB advises the Secretary of Defense on the various U.S. Reserve forces.