Except for all the driving,

posted by Jason Kottke   Jan 04, 2001

Except for all the driving, Idaho was just the ticket for a nice vacation. Bryan's grandparents' place was amazing...it was practically a lodge, multiple bedrooms, huge kitchen, roaring fireplace. Snowboarding and skiing at Sun Valley were exhausting but fun...although I'm so sore right now that I can't laugh without my sides aching.

Two interesting Idaho dining experiences:

- A 2 hr. & 15 min. sushi meal with 30-45 minutes in between each course. They said the slow service was due to a computer malfunction and invited us to stay for some complementary sake (and took a whopping 10% off of the bill!!), but we were too irritated at that point to stay.

- An otherwise nice meal at Piccolo's seated next to a gentleman who, in the course of 5 minutes of conversation, announced his dislike of blacks (Jesse Jackson in particular) and homosexuals. I imagine I didn't hear the anti-Semetic part of the conversation.

Rushmore is so god dammed funny.