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If you're reading kottke.org at workAug 02 2006

If you're reading kottke.org at work and shouldn't be, you might want to read the site as if it looked like Microsoft Word. Make other sites Work Friendly here.

You can now post from Microsoft WordAug 18 2005

You can now post from Microsoft Word to your Blogger blog. More interesting to me is how former Pyra folks remember this old idea. Matt says it was "something we talked about building back when the blogger api was brand new" and that Anil Dash, then a Blogger enthusiast, knocked up a working prototype (which I also remember). Ev says it's "a product that I first thought about five years ago". Both accounts are no doubt accurate, but how they're remembered is interesting.

A history of Microsoft WordApr 27 2004

A brief history of Microsoft Word from Word's program manager.

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