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Video of real-life Transformers costumes that actuallyApr 22 2008

Video of real-life Transformers costumes that actually work. The Optimus Prime even rolls! (thx, dianne (sorry dens, she beat you by 13 seconds))

Remember the Transformers movie from this summer?Sep 24 2007

Remember the Transformers movie from this summer? Those were fun times. Here's a letter to Optimus Prime from his Geico auto insurance agent. "Mr. Prime, I am going to remind you again: Your policy with GEICO only reimburses you for accidents that occur while you are engaged in the reasonable use of your truck and trailer. As I told you when you originally purchased the policy, GEICO does not offer Megatron coverage, Starscream coverage, Soundwave coverage, Decepticon coverage, or Energon-blast coverage. Those are just not the types of damages we would expect from reasonable use."

Never mind Transformers, here's a look atJun 28 2007

Never mind Transformers, here's a look at the possible summer blockbusters of 2008. Here are a couple more lists of 2008 movies: FirstShowing.net and Box Office Mojo.

Newish trailer for Transformers (the "exclusive trailer"May 22 2007

Newish trailer for Transformers (the "exclusive trailer" at the top of the list). This movie may actually kick ass. Or, as with every other Bay movie I've seen, the reaction will probably be, "that movie really could have kicked ass if it wasn't so stupid." I also have a theory that the robots in the film are too much toward the realistic end of Scott McCloud's iconic abstraction scale to be effective, but that post is for another time.

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