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I may or may not be headedJan 16 2008

I may or may not be headed out to South Carolina this weekend—their Democratic primary takes place on January 26th—and the new way of learning about places before ya go is YouTube tourism. Apparently there is a lot of hunting (yikes!), fishing, and drag queens in blackface (double yikes). And then, on a much more serious note, there's this short video of "Jared trying to live it up a few days before being sent to basic training at Fort Jackson, SC." It's posted a woman who wrote that "I am twenty years old..believe it or not. I am missing my husband terribly. He is at basic training in Fort Jackson, SC. He will be graduating in March. I can't wait!"

The World Heritage List consists of naturalApr 16 2006

The World Heritage List consists of natural and man-made wonders from around the globe. Thirty-four of the sites are currently on the "in danger" list, in some cases because of a site's inclusion on the master list (and subsequent dramatic increase in tourism).

Dingle's name change from its English nameSep 06 2005

Dingle's name change from its English name to the now-official Gaelic one (An Daingean) is messing with the Dingle brand...opponents to the change say that the tourists, upon which Dingle depends, are gonna get confused.

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