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RBI Baseball and Tecmo Super Bowl active playersJul 31 2008

For the past few years, Mark Bottrell has been tracking how many players who have appeared in RBI Baseball (from 1988) and Tecmo Super Bowl (from 1991) are still active in MLB and the NFL. Sad news this year...only one player is still active.

An update on how many players fromJun 09 2006

An update on how many players from Tecmo Bowl, Tecmo Super Bowl, and RBI Baseball are still active. The Mets Julio Franco is still playing at 47 years old.

More than you'd ever want to knowJan 13 2006

More than you'd ever want to know about Tecmo Super Bowl. Still one of my all-time favorite video games...I play it on my Gameboy and still have a Sega Genesis in the closet.

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