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Twitter sparklinesMay 11 2011

I've been seeing a few mini bar charts (aka sparklines) pop up on Twitter in the past few days. Like this one:

Twitter sparklines

Last year Alex Kerin built an Excel-to-Twitter sparkline generator that uses Unicode block elements for the tiny charts and now media outlets like the WSJ are using it to publish data to Twitter:

Twitter Sparklines 1

Anil Dash has a nice post on how the WSJ came to use Kerin's idea. Here are a few more favorites "sparktweets" (1, 2, 3, 4, 5):

Twitter Sparklines 2

Twitter Sparklines 3

Twitter Sparklines 4

Twitter Sparklines 5

Twitter Sparklines 6

Microsoft to patent Tufte's sparklines?Nov 19 2009

Microsoft has filed a patent application for sparklines and Edward Tufte, who came up with the idea for sparklines, is wondering what to do about it. (via waxy)

Jeff Veen: "Today, a completely redesigned versionMay 08 2007

Jeff Veen: "Today, a completely redesigned version of Google Analytics is launching, bringing a lot of the simplicity and data visualization techniques we learned building Measure Map to a whole new scale." They aren't switching everyone right away (no love for me yet) but you can read this post and get an idea of what to expect. Also: sparklines!

Script for producing sparklines (a la Edward Tufte) in Photoshop.Jul 21 2006

Script for producing sparklines (a la Edward Tufte) in Photoshop.

I love the little sparkline graphs onOct 28 2005

I love the little sparkline graphs on information aesthetics (right sidebar). That's some information richness. Must check out the Sparkline PHP Graphing Library at some point.

A craigslist missed connection for any ofAug 05 2005

A craigslist missed connection for any of the hot women who were in the audience for Edward Tufte's lecture. Not too picky, this guy, he'll take any beautiful woman who was there. Quick, someone snap him up before he makes another sparklines pun.

Sparklines of landscapes of a few American statesMay 31 2005

Sparklines of landscapes of a few American states. The one for Missouri has a little arch while the Iowa sparkline is almost flat.

Chapter on sparklinesJun 01 2004

Tufte has revised his chapter on sparklines. Sparklines are "intense, simple, word-sized graphics".

SparklinesMar 01 2004

Sparklines are "intense word-sized graphics". From Tufte's upcoming book, Beautiful Evidence

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