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Not a joke: James Cameron claims toFeb 27 2007

Not a joke: James Cameron claims to have discovered the burial cave of Jesus and his family. Includes the obligatory Da Vinci Code reference. "The [burial] boxes bear the names: Yeshua [Jesus] bar Yosef [son of Joseph]; Maria [the Latin version of Miriam, which is the English Mary]; Matia [the Hebrew equivalent of Matthew, a name common in the lineage of both Mary and Joseph]; Yose [the Gospel of Mark refers to Yose as a brother of Jesus]; Yehuda bar Yeshua, or Judah, son of Jesus; and in Greek, Mariamne e mara, meaning 'Mariamne, known as the master.' According to Harvard professor Francois Bovon, interviewed in the film, Mariamne was Mary Magdalene's real name."

Recently found Gospel of Judas reveals thatApr 18 2006

Recently found Gospel of Judas reveals that Jesus asked Judas to betray him.

Obscenities uttered by Jesus ChristAug 04 2005

Obscenities uttered by Jesus Christ. "Holy Mom, mother of me."

How big is Jesus?Apr 27 2005

How big is Jesus?. Based upon the amount of communion wafers and wine consumed by Christians, Jesus "weighs twenty million times more than you, and contains ninety-two billion times as much blood".

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