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Are the suburbs the next slums?Feb 28 2008

Are the suburbs the next slums?

At Windy Ridge, a recently built starter-home development seven miles northwest of Charlotte, North Carolina, 81 of the community's 132 small, vinyl-sided houses were in foreclosure as of late last year. Vandals have kicked in doors and stripped the copper wire from vacant houses; drug users and homeless people have furtively moved in. In December, after a stray bullet blasted through her son's bedroom and into her own, Laurie Talbot, who'd moved to Windy Ridge from New York in 2005, told The Charlotte Observer, "I thought I'd bought a home in Pleasantville. I never imagined in my wildest dreams that stuff like this would happen."

James Kunstler has been saying this for ages.

Long interview of Jane Jacobs by JamesSep 09 2005

Long interview of Jane Jacobs by James Kunstler. I think it may be time to read The Death and Life of Great American Cities again.

The Morning News interviews James Kunstler aboutAug 25 2005

The Morning News interviews James Kunstler about our energy-scarce future. I think Robert could have just asked him one question and let him roll. Also fun...a Google ad at the bottom says "the myth of peak oil, read the truth!" Heh.

James Kunstler lays out a gloomy andApr 07 2005

James Kunstler lays out a gloomy and depressing energy crisis future in The Long Emergency. "Our lives will become profoundly and intensely local. Daily life will be far less about mobility and much more about staying where you are."

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