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Farewell, YugoNov 21 2008

Until last week, Yugos were still in production in Serbia. The factory will be retooled to produce Fiats for its new owner.

How do you make a Yugo go fast? Push it off a cliff.

What do you call the passengers in a Yugo? Shock absorbers.

Why do Yugos have heated rear windows? To keep your hands warm while you push it.

Ha ha. Yugo jokes were popular in my family during one particular Christmas...the year before it was dead baby jokes.

Here's a few hundred words on whyMar 18 2008

Here's a few hundred words on why that Stuff White People Like site is "weak satire".

When black people dance, they dance like this. But when white people dance, they dance like this.

You have now essentially experienced every episode of "The Arsenio Hall Show." You have also now essentially read the entirety of Stuff White People Like, a comedic blog which may have recently popped up in your inbox, forwarded to you by an enthusiastic friend (him or herself no doubt, like the blog's author, white).

My take is somewhat shorter: it's just kinda dumb.

A new book, Heil Hitler, The PigSep 18 2006

A new book, Heil Hitler, The Pig is Dead, deals with humor during Hitler's reign in Germany. "From an early stage, Germans were well aware of their government's brutality. And the country wasn't possessed by 'evil spirits' nor was it hypnotised by the Nazis' brilliant propaganda, he says. Hypnotized people don't crack jokes."

This Onion story is right on theMar 16 2006

This Onion story is right on the edge between humor and tasteless: Kent State Basketball Team Massacred By Ohio National Guard In Repeat Of Classic 1970 Matchup. I laughed, but I felt bad about it.

Scientists say there may be two differentJan 18 2006

Scientists say there may be two different forms of laughter -- authentic laughter and that associated with humor -- and that the two developed millions of years apart during the course of human evolution.

Why do people laugh? It's a wayAug 09 2005

Why do people laugh? It's a way for humans to bond, a sign that the danger has passed, or to feel superior to others. New Yorker cartoon editor Bob Mankoff is also doing research on humor.

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