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How hot dogs are made againNov 10 2012

The last Kottke.org post about how hot dogs are made was almost 4 years ago, and that video doesn't event work anymore and I say Saturday is the day to learn stuff anyway.
Two things about this video:
1) The scene of hot dogs shooting out of the hot dog maker and into the pile of hot dogs is mesmerizing. Virtually every 'How x is made' video has a similarly awesome shot.
2) These dudes make almost 2.5 million hot dogs per shift, which... Well, there are far, far, far more hot dogs being made in this country everyday than any of us realize.

(via ★andre)

Things that are better than a New York City hot dogAug 31 2009

In response to a hyperbolic statement from a friend about the goodness of New York City hot dogs, Matthew Diffee compiles an extensive list of stuff that's better. A sampling:

Nice fluffy towels
Believing in yourself
Finding a lost twenty in your coat pocket
Prince Edward Island
Coming home after being away for a while
A kiss in the rain

How hot dogs are madeDec 09 2008

How hot dogs are made. It's true, sometimes you don't want to know how the sausage gets made. (via cyn-c)

King Kobayashi's long reign is over. JoeyJun 03 2007

King Kobayashi's long reign is over. Joey Chestnut broke the record for eating the most hot dogs in 12 minutes yesterday: 59 1/2. He bested the previous record by a whopping 5 3/4 dogs.

Update: To put this in perspective, Chestnut bested the old record by roughly 10%. This would be like running the 100m dash in 8.8 seconds, long jumping 32.5 feet, or completing a marathon in 1:51.

Takeru Kobayashi wins his 6th straight Nathan'sJul 04 2006

Takeru Kobayashi wins his 6th straight Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest and sets a new world record (53 3/4 dogs in 12 minutes) in the process. Newcomer Joey Chestnut finished 2nd with 52 franks.

Short list of hot dog places inMay 30 2006

Short list of hot dog places in NYC. What, no Crif Dogs? That's unpossible.

Ed Levine gets served a hot dogApr 19 2006

Ed Levine gets served a hot dog at Per Se. "I'm quite sure this was the first time Thomas Keller ever served anyone a hot dog in one of his restaurants." Let's see if this works...I totally want a hot dog next time I'm at Per Se. (via the eater)

Short roundup of NYC hot dogs. MyAug 29 2005

Short roundup of NYC hot dogs. My favorite is still Nathan's, although you can't beat Crif Dogs for ambiance (cocktail Ms. Pac-Man) and *wrapping a hot dog in bacon*. (via afb)

Kobayashi wins 5th straight Nathan's hot dog eating contestJul 05 2005

Kobayashi wins 5th straight Nathan's hot dog eating contest. Sonya "Black Widow" Thomas placed second with 37 dogs, setting an American record.

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