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This light blooms like a flowerMar 17 2015

These Shylights are amazing. Kinetic ceiling lights that resemble blooming flowers, unfurling parachutes, descending ghosts.

The concept is based on nyctinasty, the process by which flowers open and close due to light or temperature changes.

"We wanted to find this exact moment, where the difference is in an object, when it is dead or when it starts to become alive."

(via This Isn't Happiness)

Flowers don't smell as good as theySep 30 2005

Flowers don't smell as good as they used to and part of the reason is breeding...they're breeding flowers for looks and longevity, not for scent. I believe Michael Pollan discusses this in his excellent The Botany of Desire (tulip chapter).

I ran across this trashcan vase inJun 07 2005

I ran across this trashcan vase in the West Village last night.

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