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What If They Had A Big Blow-Out Benefit But Didn't Want Your Money?Jan 17 2008

On 8 p.m. on Friday the 18th—hey, that's tomorrow!—there'll be a totally fun-nuts-sounding anti-war cabaret party-performance at Judson Memorial Church, 55 Washington Square Park South, New York City. The organizers promise nudity, beer, song, dance—and no donation requested. (This is highly unusual!) Performers include Larry Krone, Julian Fleisher, Miguel Gutierrez, Kenny Mellman and something called the "Channels of Blessings Choir." (Added bonus: I should be there with my hair down, having finally thrown off the shackles of the tyrant blog-emperor Kottke.)

The launch party for Eyebeam's Contagious MediaMay 19 2005

The launch party for Eyebeam's Contagious Media Showdown is tonight, 6:30pm.

If you haven't yet, the Diane ArbusMay 16 2005

If you haven't yet, the Diane Arbus exhibition at the Met is worth checking out. Open through May 30.

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