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Malcolm Gladwell on the difference between secretsJan 04 2007

Malcolm Gladwell on the difference between secrets and puzzles, particularly as it relates to something like the Enron scandal. I think this is one of the more interesting pieces from Gladwell in recent years. Having lived in California during the blackouts and the absurdly high electricity bills, I want Skilling's head as much as anyone, but Gladwell has a good point here. There's more on his blog, including a question: "According to the way the accounting rules were written at the time, what specific transgressions were Skilling guilty of that merited twenty-four years in prison?" Also note the similar themes to one of my favorite articles from last year, The Press' New Paradigm.

The Enron Explorer lets you search throughOct 26 2006

The Enron Explorer lets you search through the emails and social networks of Enron, circa 1999-2002. Even kottke.org made it in there. (thx, dylan)

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