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Cute little pixelated Albert Einstein video from eBoy.Jan 17 2007

Cute little pixelated Albert Einstein video from eBoy.

I, for one, welcome our pixelated Google overlordsSep 28 2006

Pixelated Google

Portraits of Larry, Sergey, and Eric Schmidt courtesy of eboy.

Isometric Google logo.Aug 16 2006

Isometric Google logo.

Pixel citiesMay 04 2006

Here's part of a fun pixel illustration of Communication City by eboy:

Communication City

Click through to see the whole image. eboy did the illustration for a Fortune magazine article on the resurgence of internet companies. The company also does amazingly intricate futuristic posters of cities. Oh, and this T-Mobile HotSpot map of London...I could go on and on.

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