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Lance Armstrong returns to cyclingSep 09 2008

Vanity Fair confirms: Lance Armstrong will return to cycling with the goal of competing in and winning the Tour de France in 2009.

Lance Armstrong returns?Sep 08 2008

Sources are saying that Lance Armstrong will come out of retirement to race the Tour de France in 2009. (via clusterflock)

Last place in the Tour de FranceJul 29 2008

The last man to finish the Tour de France gets the unofficial title of winner of the Lanterne Rouge. Finishing last is not as easy as you might suppose.

The designation falls somewhere between insult and accolade. Mr. Vansevenant, who after Stage 18 sits in 150th place, some 3 hours and 45 minutes behind Mr. Sastre, is indeed the worst-placed rider in the Tour de France. But, in turn, he has outlasted those who abandoned the Tour through illness, injury or simple exhaustion; those who were eliminated for failing to finish within each day's time limit and are forced to withdraw; and those who were banned or withdrew for doping-related causes. From year to year, about 20% of the riders drop out. In other words, you can't simply coast to last place; you have to work for it.

Wim Vansevenant did hang on to become the first three-time winner of the Lanterne Rouge.

Wu-oh. Floyd Landis had "an unusual levelJul 27 2006

Wu-oh. Floyd Landis had "an unusual level of testosterone/epitestosterone ratio" in his blood after stage 17 of the Tour de France. If his backup sample also tests positive, the title could be taken from him. You may remember stage 17 as the scene of Landis' remarkable comeback. Cyclingnews.com says that "some athletes have naturally high levels, and can prove this through a series of tests"...is it possible that Landis was just super amped up from the effort that day?

Profile of Floyd Landis, who won theJul 24 2006

Profile of Floyd Landis, who won the Tour de France yesterday. (via, a.whole)

Wow, both Jan Ulrich and Ivan BassoJun 30 2006

Wow, both Jan Ulrich and Ivan Basso are out of the Tour de France this year because of doping allegations.

Some Tour de France fans have mappedJun 01 2006

Some Tour de France fans have mapped the entire route of the 2006 Tour in Google Earth. (via airbag)

The science of Lance ArmstrongJul 28 2005

The science of Lance Armstrong. Between 1992 and 1999, he increased his muscle efficiency by 8 percent, a gain previously thought to be impossible.

Photo slideshow of Lance Armstrong's Tour de FranceJul 25 2005

Photo slideshow of Lance Armstrong's Tour de France.

How do cycling teams work?Jul 15 2005

How do cycling teams work?.

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