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Magazine magic trickMay 18 2010

Bon Apetit and other high end food magazines expected to gain from Gourmet's demise 6 months ago, in both subscribers and advertising pages. In an amazing disappearing act, achievable only by the magazine industry, Gourmet's subscribers and advertisers have mostly disappeared.

Bon Appetit's circulation was forecast to bloom as it absorbed former readers of Gourmet, and other magazines began eyeing Gourmet's list of more than 900,000 subscribers...The Gourmet readership and ad base seem to have largely vanished.

Megnut's got the scoop: Gourmet magazine hasSep 20 2006

Megnut's got the scoop: Gourmet magazine has named Alinea the best restaurant in the US, amazing considering its only been open a little more than a year. "[Grant Achatz] is redefining the American restaurant once again for an entirely new generation. And that -- more than his gorgeous, inventive, and delicious food -- is what makes Alinea the got-to-go-to restaurant in the country right now." (I would argue that the food is the real reason to go, but whatever...)

A just-concluded eGullet conversation with Ruth Reichl,Dec 02 2005

A just-concluded eGullet conversation with Ruth Reichl, currently editor-in-chief of Gourmet magazine and former food critic for The New York Times.

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