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Hilarious grand jury testimonyJul 16 2012

David House testified in front of a grand jury about his potential association with Bradley Manning. On the advice of his lawyer, he took the fifth on every question except his name and birthdate.

PM: Mr. House, are you involved with the Bradley Manning Support Network?

DH: I invoke.

PM: Did you respond in the affirmative when asked by the FBI if you had heard of known WikiLeaks associate Jacob Appelbaum?

PM: I would like to state for the record that Mr. House is not answering the question and is instead taking notes.

DH: I invoke.

PM: Do you intend to answer any of my questions, aside from your date of birth and your name?

DH: I invoke.

PM: Is that because of the phalanx of attorneys present here today?

Court Stenographer: I'm sorry, the what of attorneys?

PM: Phalanx... the phalanx of attorneys.

DH: As to the phalanx of attorneys, I invoke.

I had no idea grand jury testimony could be so amusing. I love that House offers to help with the presentation display when the DOJ attorneys are having trouble making the image bigger.

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