Just for fun, here's a  NOV 12 1999

Just for fun, here's a list of the top hostnames that access kottke.org (number in parenthesis is the # of unique visits so far this month):

mac1.envisionusa.net (49)
img101.unl.edu (42)
bordersgroupinc.com (35)
p-d0198.resnet.ucsc.edu (34)
e-fil.res.cmu.edu (33) (33)
adsl-78-176-10.jan.bellsouth.net (30)
heimdal.imaginet.com (29)
cr996585-a.ktchnr1.on.wave.home.com (27)
donho.its.uiowa.edu (24)
we-24-130-21-78.we.mediaone.net (23)
testmeat.wien.rhno.columbia.edu (23)
it20-105.bu.edu (22)
cr273944-a.ym1.on.wave.home.com (22)
ch2blm.bellglobal.com (21)
nobles.stu.rpi.edu (19)
bootp-190-26.bootp.virginia.edu (19)
ce2.net.ohio-state.edu (19)
clarity.mit.edu (18)
afrench.creativeis.com (18)

I know some of these people, but not all of them. Do you belong to one of these hostnames?

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