After getting a few emails  SEP 23 1999

After getting a few emails over the last couple of weeks about the quantity of cool indie Web stuff emanating from Minnesota or from former Minnesotans, here's a small list I came up with (in no particular order): Chank!, Windowseat, the Nubbin, testpilotcollective, Pop Culture Junk Mail, Magnetbox,, James Lileks, Obscure Store & Reading Room, ~carl (and his column at The Industry Standard), Maximag, Girlwonder, Alt Text, Quasistatic, Wench, Honeyguide, Biglunker, Anacam, Cursor, Suture, Fucker, The Spleen, Ding an Sich, and Vitaflo. And then there's my humble offerings: 0sil8 and

Suggestions? Anything I missed?

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