Basement excavation using scale model construction equipment  FEB 15 2012

A Canadian man has been digging out his basement with scale-model RC construction equipment since 1997.

Yes, you read that right -- he's been digging out his basement for 15 years -- with nothing but little R/C tractors, diggers and even a miniature rock crusher! Amazing.

At an average rate of eight or nine cubic feet of earth moved each year, the process has been absolutely glacial. But what do you expect when every morning he drives his little excavator on its transport truck down to the basement, unloads it, and then uses it to dig out the basement walls.

Then Joe uses the excavators to load R/C trucks and they work their way up a spiral ramp to the basement window where the soil gets dumped outside.

Then, once it's outside, he uses bulldozers to consolidate the pile of excavated dirt.

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