Eight things I learned this week, 07  JUN 27 2008

Through June 23 of this year, the three major television networks have spent a total of 46 minutes covering the war in Afghanistan. CBS has spent just eight minutes discussing the war. [NY Times]

Some Floridians are still living in FEMA trailers 15 years after Hurricane Andrew. [Des Moines Register]

Two thirds of the last six Presidents of the United States have been left handed. Obama and McCain are both left-handed. [NY Sun]

In New York State, "blocking the box" (i.e. getting caught in the intersection during a red light) has been reclassified from a moving violation to a parking violation. The change allows a greater number of officers and agents to issue citations. [Streetsblog]

Despite charging exorbitant "convenience" fees for concert tickets, Ticketmaster is somehow $750 million in debt. [Reuters]

There's more than a 50/50 chance that the medium bag of popcorn that you get at the movies will contain more popcorn than the more expensive large tub. [Portfolio]

Lego keeps a copy of every single set they've ever released stored in a secret vault. [Gizmodo]

We all knew it was coming: Hancock might actually suck. [Greencine]

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