Eiffel Tower to get flowery-looking viewing stand  MAR 27 2008

Eiffel Tower to get flowery-looking viewing stand glomed onto the top of it.

The design is already causing controversy, with critics questioning the wisdom of tinkering with the famous silhouette and spending money on upgrading a tourist attraction which attracts 6.9 million visitors a year.

(via spurgeonblog)

Update: The architect who submitted the above design says that it was an unsolicited "spontaneous design". (thx, tim)

David Serero, principal of Serero Architects, said in a telephone interview that his firm's proposal was merely a spontaneous design it had submitted to the Eiffel Tower management group in view of the tower's approaching 120th anniversary and, he said, was neither a response to a design competition nor solicited by the tower's management.

Update: Here are the "spontaneous designs" done by Serero.

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