Wikipedia has a list of made-up words  OCT 18 2005

Wikipedia has a list of made-up words and expressions from The Simpsons. "Cromulent" is my favorite and should find it's way into actual use. "Car hole" is great as well. (via bb)

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Matt48 18 200510:48AM

I like 'Sophistimacated Dowhackey', Homer's term for a complex machine.

jake52 18 200510:52AM

i thought it was "car-hold" not "car hole".

r03 18 200512:03PM

As soon as I saw 'cromulent' I remembered it from Blackadder as I had seen the episode just last week. The wikipedia entry says the script for Blackadder doesn't contain it, but I am pretty sure that was the word. It would be interesting see see what the Blackadder actually was if it was not cromulent.

sfslim15 18 200512:15PM

In my experience, "cromulent" is in actual use, at least among a few thousand geeks, freeks, cowgrrls and mad scientists in or around the San Francisco Bay Area.

emily17 18 200512:17PM

Not sure what episode, but Grandpa Simpson goes on a rant where he insists, "In my day, turkeys were
called Walking Birds."

emily24 18 200512:24PM

There's also Milhouse's new past tense of "squeeze" -- "We have squozen our whole supply! To the Lemon Tree!"

Dan10 18 2005 1:10PM

Boo-urns is the best. That gag is so fucking stupid it's funny.

"I was saying 'Boo-urns'" - Moleman

Natali13 18 2005 5:13PM

Jebus! There is no hipper way to refer to the mythical superhero lord himself. I had no idea that that was the origin of the term. The levels in which The Simpsons have informed and influenced my life are disturbing.

JJ Cano54 18 2005 7:54PM

I've been using 'craptacular' for years...

Txov07 19 2005 4:07PM

The 'craptacular' episode came out in '97.

Tangentially, is a thing that's 'craptacular' a 'craptacle?'

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