Tom Coates moves on from the BBC  OCT 17 2005

Tom Coates moves on from the BBC for a job at Yahoo! It's now official...everyone I know works at Yahoo!

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Jake of 8bitjoystick.com55 17 2005 2:55PM

So when are you going to be headhunted by Yahoo's growing blog army?

Paul20 17 2005 3:20PM

Can Yahotke! be far behind?

Nick Douglas35 17 2005 3:35PM

Must be Yahotke, because "Kottkoo" is nearly taken.

Jeremy Zawodny44 17 2005 3:44PM

One would hope that if Jason wanted to work at Yahoo, he'd tell one of us. :-)

Tom Coates59 17 2005 4:59PM

Maybe he's shy? Should we stroke him or something, do you think?

Gen Kanai36 17 2005 7:36PM

Boris is keeping an unofficial list...

bopuc/weblog: Trust

Anil10 17 2005 9:10PM

Does this mean you don't know me anymore? I feel like we don't know each other anymore. :\ Woe!

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