Profile of comedian Sarah Silverman, who tells  OCT 18 2005

Profile of comedian Sarah Silverman, who tells the most uncomfortable jokes around.

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Brian Honey03 18 200511:03AM

Always shocking, always funny. I can't get enough of Sarah Silverman.

ssflanders42 18 200511:42AM

classic case of a comedian who's too smart for the room (room=America)

Math48 18 200511:48AM

There's also a super interview with Sarah in September's Believer. Love her.

Joe Grossberg11 18 200512:11PM

Her sister pwn3d as the snarky secretary on Dr. Katz.

Dan09 18 2005 1:09PM

I respectfully dissent. It's not that I don't get her jokes, I just find her incredibly irritating.

Emily17 18 2005 1:17PM

She's great in School of Rock....really gets under your skin as the b*tchy girlfriend of the roommate.

Andrew E.14 18 2005 2:14PM

On Conan O'Brien:

"Guess who's birthday is tomorrow, Conan! Guess, guess! Guess who! HITLER."

How can you possibly find that irritating ? ;)

Joe39 18 2005 3:39PM

The trailer to Jesus Is Magic looks pretty sweet...

Ben14 18 2005 6:14PM

I saw it at the SXSW Film Festival and it surely has its moments. But I just love her in her small scenes in The Aristocrats!

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