Opening tomorrow at the Met Museum in  OCT 17 2005

Opening tomorrow at the Met Museum in NYC, an exhibition of drawings by Vincent van Gogh. October 18, 2005 through December 31, 2005.

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Edward J. S. Atkinson54 17 2005 5:54PM

Boy, I think I'll take fall break to go have a look at those.

It's nice that you finally have comments enabled!

john48 18 2005 9:48AM

gonna be sweet. there's also a show of alex katz drawings somewhere in ny right now. would make an interesting contrast.

MR31 18 200510:31AM

Don't miss the audio excerpts from the artist's letters, as read by "actor Kevin Bacon."

Meg37 18 200512:37PM

Damn fine reason to be in NYC.

Joshua Conner12 20 2005 7:12PM

I've seen a few exhibits in the past of the drawings of other famous painters (Picasso immediately comes to mind, but I forget who else) and I'd always been underwhelmed, but the Van Gogh exhibit - which I went to see today - was fantastic. I like them more than his paintings. Plus, the placards that accompanied each work did a wonderful job creating a narrative of Van Gogh's life and career. I highly recommend checking it out if you're in the NY area.

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