Frans de Waal on low frequency audio  OCT 18 2005

Frans de Waal on low frequency audio as a social instrument: "The host, Larry King, would adjust his timbre to that of high-ranking guests, like Mike Wallace or Elizabeth Taylor. Low-ranking guests, on the other hand, would adjust their timbre to that of King. The clearest adjustment to King's voice, indicating lack of confidence, came from former Vice President Dan Quayle." (via mr)

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Arthur Davidson Ficke25 18 2005 4:25PM

In what universe is Elizabeth Taylor a "high-ranking guest"?

william27 18 2005 4:27PM

This guy teaches at my old college.

David Moldawer43 18 2005 4:43PM

His name's spelled Frans, by the way.

Sean Flannagan50 18 2005 4:50PM

Interesting stuff. He talked about this at the 92nd Street Y last week.

jkottke56 18 2005 4:56PM

His name's spelled Frans, by the way.

So it is. Changed. Thanks!

Meg00 18 2005 6:00PM

I think I use this to deal with people all the time -- and not just in deference!

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