Nicholas Negroponte spoke this morning about the  SEP 17 2005

Nicholas Negroponte spoke this morning about the MIT Media Lab's $100 laptop initiative. "One does not think of community pencils--kids have their own. They are tools to think with, sufficiently inexpensive to be used for work and play, drawing, writing, and mathematics. A computer can be the same, but far more powerful." More info at BBC News and Technology Review.

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Joel22 17 2005 5:22PM

I remember reading about this in WIRED a couple months ago. This idea could really change the world... and I don't think that's hyperbole. Just think if kids in developing countries were able grow up with access to computers and the internet? Economies of scale could just make it work too.

florian54 18 200512:54PM

Yes it would change the world, Internet Access means e-commerce access ( ebay and everything else ) with a couple of clicks whole areas could join the global economy.

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