I must be living in a cave  SEP 17 2005

I must be living in a cave because I hadn't really heard of the Daily Show's America the Book (more here) before today's presentation by Paula Scher and Ben Karlin.

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tim44 17 2005 4:44PM

you are indeed living in a cave if you hadn't heard of the perfect great american text book.

some smartass16 17 2005 6:16PM

What's the rent on that cave? ;-)

lia20 17 2005 6:20PM

Got this as a birthday present, let me know if you want to borrow!

Greg36 17 2005 6:36PM

The audio book version is hilarious and is worth the time and money, even if you've read the book.

Ike Arumba34 17 200510:34PM

Wow! Really? I'm shocked this hasn't hit your radar til now.

America is, to me, hands down, the funniest book ever produced.

Here are my top 3 favorite lines from "America":

1) Were You Aware?: All of the president's suits are provided free of
charge by "Mr. Guy."

2) The Cabinet: Director of Homeland Security: Came up with the
color-coded "terror" chart in 2002. Hasn't done jackshit since.

3) C-Span Drinking Game: Zoom, Schwartz, Kucinich: The name of this
elaborate game changed following Dennis Kucinich's 1985 electoral
victory over rival Kenneth Profigliano (R-OH).

There are literally hundreds of other just-as-funny lines.

Alexandre Roche20 18 200512:20AM

Dude you are living in a cave. It's one of the funniest books I've ever read.

chewybrain15 18 200512:15PM

Oh, and if you hadn't heard, Craig Kilborn got his own crummy show that nobody watches; they got some new guy named John Stewart who was in Half-Baked, not sure if he's gonna work out or not.

(Aww, don't be sad...Shirt-Off will protect us!)

Christopher Simmons59 20 2005 1:59AM

If you missed the presentation (or want to see it again), we're having Ben and Paula out here on November 17: www.aigasf.org

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