Michelin is doing one of their famous  FEB 24 2005

Michelin is doing one of their famous red guidebooks for NYC. Now taking bets on which NYC restaurants will be the three stars...

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Rob12 24 2005 8:12PM

I think the better bet would be "how many restaurants" instead of "which restaurants". Michelin is exceptionally tough. I'd guess that maybe five restaurants in NYC deserve three stars. I'd guess Masa.

jkottke54 24 2005 9:54PM

Right now, five restaurants have a four-star rating from the NY Times: Daniel, Jean Georges, Le Bernardin, Masa, and Per Se. I'd say Per Se, Daniel, and Masa would be shoe-ins for three Michelin stars...and maybe a couple others. Five is probably a pretty good guess.

Arthur Che05 25 2005 2:05AM

I'd also expect quite a low number. I do wonder how/if Michelin will take history or age into account. It is common in France for the Michelin climb to take quite some time, with many restaurants earning one star at a time in a grueling, step-by-step improvement process over many years.

By hitting the NY restaurants in one fell swoop, Michelin will probably be giving quite a few restaurants three stars at once, which I believe is quite rare for European restaurants (though not unprecedented - wasn't there a scandal not long ago about a restaurant receiving stars before it even opened?). Can a new restaurant like Per Se (born in the 21st century!) become a Michelin three star this quickly?

Arthur Che13 25 2005 2:13AM

Another quick thought... how ironic would it be for Per Se to get its Michelin stars ahead of the French Laundry? Looks likely to happen by virtue of location alone.

zach33 25 2005 8:33AM

Daniel, Per Se, Veritas, Jean Georges, Alan Ducasse, Le Bernardin, Masa? I think there maybe more three stars than expected - I think the cuisine in NYC is superior to anywhere in the world.

CZ30 26 2005 6:30PM

Hadn't they already?

I'm surprised.

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