Timely spam  JAN 13 2005

Spam is like a broken watch. It's right about twice a day. A sampling from the past two weeks:

  • Need a change?
  • No more.
  • I cannot forget you!
  • Looking for cheap high-quality software?
  • IMPORTANT: this email address is circulating...
  • Now you can watch ON_Demand Movie channels
  • I cant live without...
  • Is it time for a change?
  • How Badly Do You Want To Exit The Rat Race?
  • Today is the first day of the rest of your life
  • relief from pain
  • Freee your mind and b0dy -- relax when you should
  • home alone
  • Feeling Depressed?
  • Spamed?
  • Relieve the pressure and anxiety
  • You pay TOO MUCH for meds!
  • one more time
  • silent. On a sofa
  • I hope this is what you want.
  • How are you? You could be better....
  • i need some company
  • suffered for so long,
  • Adieu.
  • It's for sure
  • you are lost

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