Popular Photography Magazine names the Nikon D70  NOV 11 2004

Popular Photography Magazine names the Nikon D70 its camera of the year for 2004.

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Ramanan33 11 2004 1:33PM

My friend has one of these and it really is amazing. I would kill him and take the camera -- it's that good -- but we have laws against that in Canada.

Joel57 11 2004 1:57PM

I use the D100 but I like some of the D70's features better (faster flash sync, faster and easier to navigate menus, etc...). Kinda makes me wish I had waited to get it instead of the 100 - The 100 is still great though. Happy Remembrance Day by the way!

dennis34 11 2004 2:34PM

I bought the D70 after much debate about the price, but can honestly say the decision was a good -- if not great -- one.

For someone who doesn't have a lot of SLR experience (like me), the 'immediate' aspect of seeing what various setting changes do is extremely useful. On top of that, the camera produces such high-quality shots that I won't be kicking myself later for buying something substandard.

Teller19 11 2004 4:19PM

It's good, no argument. But it does have some weak points (relatively small viewfinder, too much reliance on menus vs. real buttons etc.). For that price though, no competition.

I'm a Minolta person myself, got to hold Dynax 7Digital today for 15 minutes and now want one badly. Upgrading from Dynax 7 would be so painless. Better viewfinder than D70, Anti-Shake and large screen... Sorry, couldn't resist :)

dennis25 11 2004 8:25PM

Teller: Not sure about the viewfinder compared to other SLR/DSLRs, but I'm curious about your 'reliance on menus' comment -- there are two jog dials (front and back), and using those you can access nearly everything. I can't really think of anything that I can't get to through those dials (except things like mirror lock-up, etc.)

I haven't had an opportunity to see the Dynax 7 yet, but it looks mighty impressive on paper.

Gary58 12 2004 9:58AM

I like it a lot. Extremely well-designed and easy to use. Lightning quick shutter release & focusing. The menu system is simple to operate. Similar controls to my Nikon N90s, so it's easy for me to adapt to. It's great to have creative controls like flash compensation, aperture priority, etc., quickly available at the touch of a button or dial. I've only taken a few photos with it, but I'm really pleased with this camera.

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