Entries in the Vancouver manhole cover competition  AUG 24 2004

Entries in the Vancouver manhole cover competition.

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Peter57 24 2004 9:57AM

The winning entry from Susan Point and Kelly Cannell seems like something from Escher. :)

Lalitree11 24 200410:11AM

Amazingly similar, I'd say (but cool nonetheless).

Golightly38 24 200411:38AM

Somehow, I can't help but think that they passed up on a fantastic opportunity with the compass points design. If he lids were orientated correctly, that would just be a fantastic resource to have all over the city

barnes11 24 200412:11PM

Unless the manhole covers are on the street and you'd have to stand in traffic in order to get your bearings.

donald23 24 200412:23PM

Golightly, I was thinking the same thing. As many times as various city schemas are explained to me, I can still never quite get it. Moreover, it was an excellent entry in that it was the only one that imagined a new, practical application for manhole covers (aside from covering manholes, of course). While the city workers might not appreciate having to screw the covers on in the right direction every time, it definitely gets my vote.

donald24 24 200412:24PM

(Not that it was particuarly pretty, of course. But the concept, man, the concept.)

Lode16 25 200412:16PM

I'd second (or is that third) that.. The compass is a great concept. It'd get my vote in a minute.

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