The Lakers go supernova: Phil Jackson quits  JUN 19 2004

The Lakers go supernova: Phil Jackson quits as coach, Kobe opts out of his contract, and Shaq wants to be traded. Shaq back to Orlando for McGrady? To Denver for Carmelo? To Philly for Iverson? To Chicago for the whole team?

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elivy35 19 2004 1:35PM

Hooray! I hate the Lakers!

And the Yankees!

Sunny13 19 2004 7:13PM

But isn't McGrady asking for a trade?! Well if Shaq comes, I doubt that he will want the trade. Maybe Memphis for Jerry West.

monkeyinabox42 20 2004 1:42AM

As much as I hate the Lakers, trading Shaq would be the stupidest thing ever. Kobe can be replaced, but not Shaq.

userdude17 20 2004 1:17PM

Watch Dallas here... it would be a mistake to rule out Cuban.

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