Deceptively simple Flash game: keep the stumbling  JUN 24 2004

Deceptively simple Flash game: keep the stumbling drunk on his feet. After 5 or 6 games, I could manage 73 meters.

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matthew34 24 2004 2:34PM

82, but only because i could feel his sleeping-on-the-concrete pain.

sarah42 24 2004 2:42PM

I like that even though the site is in German (right?) I could understand the directions. Yay for visual communication.

Jack Schitt52 24 2004 2:52PM

damn. "(After 5 or 6 games, I could manage 73 meters.)" In my case it was after 50 or 60 games that I broke the 70 metre barrier. Did anyone else find themselves leaning in their chair to try and help the game?

John07 24 2004 5:07PM

Arrggh! Darn you! 73 meters after 6 games, but now I'm hooked and am likely to spend all night playing it!

andrew37 24 2004 6:37PM

Someone seriously needs to waste some time and rip that flash game with some new graphics/physics. Replace the graphics with a drunk George W. or a graphic of that guy who went on the drunk-driving rampage in San Diego a few days ago. Who's got time to waste and some flash-ripping skills?

Philipp38 24 2004 6:38PM

71 meters... greetings from Switzerland (it's actually a promotion for a big party in Winterthur near Zurich).

Tim50 24 2004 6:50PM

92 on my first try! (ok...ok..fifty-first)

bing34 24 2004 7:34PM

98! Sooo close to triple digits.

user43 24 2004 8:43PM

what is albanifest?

Peter46 24 200411:46PM

longest: 77m

and because it seems to be customary around here...

shortest: 1m

Greg11 25 2004 3:11AM

88! However, being the meanie that I am, I found it more fun to make the guy fall on purpose! :)

Andrew21 25 2004 3:21AM

What are your best scores when using a laptop touchpad?
It's much harder, the best I can manage is 35m!

This thread is closed to new comments. Thanks to everyone who responded.

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