Bubble Fun is yet another one of those addictive games  JUN 05 2004

Bubble Fun is yet another one of those addictive games. I could only manage about 25,000.

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michael56 05 2004 2:56PM

its okay. Nothing like N 1.2 or the yetisports.

Jeremiah22 06 2004 4:22AM

It almost seems like it's better to get a lower score than a higher--that means you've beat your opponent more quickly. I managed to get my score up to 36,000, but that was only because I was making a very conscious effort to keep my bubbles away from the remaining green ones. Nice game, thanks.

Zooey37 06 2004 4:37AM

WTF? I am doomed to playing Bounce Out apparently. I cannot figure out a strategy to this game.

rob53 06 2004 5:53PM

I love a game that has applause when you do well. I'm averaging 30-40,000 - mostly because I love the encouragement.

jim sheppard53 06 2004 8:53PM

i got 4,000,000.

dowingba29 06 200410:29PM

jim: I guess you were in too much of a rush to add your name to the high scores then, eh? It's a shame.

someone14 07 2004 4:14AM

Perhaps jim was playing in two-player mode. This way, one could engineer it so that one gets a very high score. I'm also assuming that one doens't qualify for the high score list playing this way; only agianst the computer.

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