Wrap rage - "Extreme anger caused by  APR 22 2004

Wrap rage - "Extreme anger caused by product packaging that is difficult to open or manipulate". To open a recent DVD purchase, I had to go through a layer of shrink-wrapped plastic, three "security" stickers, and these little plastic tabs they're putting on DVD cases now. Rage!

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Kip Ingram57 22 200410:57AM

Yeah, packages from my mom are the worst of all. I swear I think she uses a whole roll of shipping tape on every box she sends. Must be payback for something I did as a kid. :-)

spygeek51 22 200411:51AM

They don't even mention those infernal hard plastic blister-packs. I love attacking one of those with my pocket knife, hoping that I don't cut off a finger or damage the contents.

gwint55 22 200411:55AM

Designer of Audio CD Package Enters Hell... an old New Yorker piece by Steve Martin.

Jonathan33 22 2004 3:33PM

The specifications for packaging of kids toys seem to have been cribbed from NASA's space shuttle prep guidelines - they are in there tight! Most toys on the display shelves at ToysRUs have enough metal and plastic tie downs and cardboard and cellophane to fill an entire trash can. I guess they are interested in keeping the toy in the display box while allowing the box to be open to kids for viewing and testing the functions. But the amount of packaging borders on absurd. It is, however, quite impressive. The technology of packaging must be fascinating. It still seems that they could save a lot of money on the items by using less packaging.

Kip Ingram52 22 2004 3:52PM

Most of this probably came from the Consumer Product Safety Comission and our lawsuit-happy culture. I'm sure you've all noticed that no toy for kids has a battery compartment that you can actually open without a well-stocked toolbox. I suppose that's a good idea, but it certainly wasn't the case when I was a child. I changed my own batteries.

Spygeek, ditto on the blister packs. I despise those things.

sixtoe07 23 200411:07AM

What's a CD?

ben36 26 200412:36PM

Just another reason to download it.

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