"When the 40,000 subscribers to Reason, the monthly  APR 05 2004

"When the 40,000 subscribers to Reason, the monthly libertarian magazine, receive a copy of the June issue, they will see on the cover a satellite photo of a neighborhood - their own neighborhood. And their house will be graphically circled.". This should win every design award out there come next year.

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Drew02 05 200410:02PM

that is SO boring! Who would want a satellite photo of their own neighborhood? puzzling.

andy11 05 200410:11PM

Maybe a printing award...

brian breslin52 05 200410:52PM

the whole point i think is that it will shock people. Sorta like putting big brother in perspective.

Robert12 05 200411:12PM

I wonder what they'll put on the newsstands.

barnes26 05 200411:26PM

The error rate between most of the commercially available satellite imagery and address data is normally pretty high, due mostly to lousy address recordkeeping. If I was a betting man, I'd wager that about 10,000 subscribers won't get a photo of their residence, but instead will get the place across the street, or a quarter mile down the road.

Ben04 06 2004 8:04AM

A similar thing was done with a subscription to a mag i had, where an advert was enclosed form some company or other, shaped as a postcard, and addressed to me. I more than double took when i saw it.

Dirk Brandts10 12 200410:10PM

Ideologues make shitty designers.

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