Tutorial: make your own AIM/MSN chat bot with Perl  APR 18 2004

Tutorial: make your own AIM/MSN chat bot with Perl.

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drew41 19 200411:41AM

Looks like its me and you again tonight, Rosie.

Robert D.05 19 2004 3:05PM

Oh, great, just what we need: for hundreds of 13-year-olds to code up their own chat bots that scream l33tspeak at whomever messages them.

RotJ26 19 2004 5:26PM

The sample bot they've got is broken because it pulls quotes from a dead website that got bought by a domain squatter.

Peter Cooper34 19 2004 7:34PM

I think this whole idea is cool, just not this implementation of it ;-) It does get my award for being the most content-free programming related article I've ever read though. A lot of hot air, and 'download this script and er, just screw around with it till it works', lol. Doh!

barlow59 21 2004 8:59AM

Some cool opportunities are obvious - you could write a PERL interface to your email account and this is essentially P2P, so you could chat with your bot from the road and get key emails:

"Did i get a message from jon?"
"show message from jon"
CHATBOT: Jon Wrote:

codee09 24 200411:09PM

wow,,, what is this? lol sorry im stupid

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