The Food Section on the mighty soup  APR 01 2004

The Food Section on the mighty soup dumpling, which is pretty much the tastiest food ever.

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BobbyMac44 01 2004 1:44PM

Even in Seattle we've heard of Joe's.


Sam15 01 2004 4:15PM

When I was in NYC in late 2002, I had dinner one night at Joe's, especially for the dumplings. What amazing food.

Stefan Jones02 01 2004 5:02PM


Anyone know of a place that serves soup dumplings in the Portland, OR area?

ernie53 01 2004 5:53PM

Stefan, the best Dim Sum I've ever had was in Portland, I'd be surprised if you couldn't find a place in Chinatown.

Robyn46 01 2004 6:46PM

I ate at that restaurant once a few years ago, not because of the dumplings, but damn...those were really good dumplings. *drool* I'm glad I got to try it before I became a raw foodist. ;)

The word "dumplings" makes me think of "little dumps".

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