Redesigning the 1040 tax form  APR 21 2004

Redesigning the 1040 tax form. But TurboTax has already redesigned tax forms to the point where they're unnecessary for taxpayers.

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Joe Bob10 21 2004 3:10PM

Hey. You erased an entry (I think). What was it again?

Adam25 21 2004 3:25PM

Helvetica "signal a lot of bad vibes"??? As opposed to the hideous Serifa she specs? You've got to be kidding me.

Bad vibes for who, anyway? Whenever I see Helvetica, I sigh happily.

Marshall58 21 2004 4:58PM

Seems like a job for Tufte.

Ben27 21 2004 9:27PM

Yeah I don't think I'd choose Rockwell (or whatever that is) over Helvetica. It might need a better contrast in size or weight to the other text, but it's not a bad font at all.

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