Photos of a motorcycle ride through Chernobyl  APR 07 2004

Photos of a motorcycle ride through Chernobyl.

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Robert26 07 2004 7:26PM

Terribly Haunting. I can't imagine wandering through that place alone. Reminded me of 28 Days Later.

eric26 07 2004 7:26PM

This was really interesting and got me looking on the net for more information about the disaster. It's odd that there are zero photos of the actual explosion / fire / smoke cloud - the BBC has one TV screen-capture of a landing helicopter.

I guess the Russians really are experts in secrecy.

gogol1332 08 2004 2:32AM


zach24 08 2004 9:24AM

this is possibly the best link that you have ever posted.

sam50 08 200410:50AM

This version, live a week or so back, is the second iteration of the website - she added a bunch of new pictures including the ones of the plant, but I think some pieces of text from the first version aren't there, or maybe I just missed them. There was some comment about the hospital that said something like, 'the hospital stayed working for 40 days after the attack then the head doctor died of cancer and everyone left'...

Great site though, definitely one of the most interesting I've seen for a very long time. I don't think I'd dare go near that area mys'elf... I wonder what it is with bikers proving how 'hard' they are? :> (Just kidding, and yes I did read the 'science bit', but still...)

patrick43 08 200411:43AM

She has her own domain as well --

liam wen11 08 2004 5:11PM

Glad you like it Jason - any comments?

mike27 08 2004 6:27PM

This link from the BBC adds more credibility to her voyage. Great video too!

Jeremiah50 08 2004 9:50PM

Eric -- Yes, I did the same. Odd indeed. I'm actually so interested in seeing what it looked like that I might go to the library here and look for books on the subject. All those people--there's bound to be a photo somewhere. Of course, as you indicate, I'm forgetting that I'm talking about Soviet Russia.

Kat46 14 2004 2:46AM

Sam: I actually came across her a long while back about two days before she was Slashdotted. I noticed it was an Angelfire site, so I promptly mirrored it before it fell (she has since bought hosting). Anyway, you are correct in that there is text missing on the new pages; in some cases, this is hugely unfortunate (particularly on page 12: the oncology ward).

Anyway, here's the mirror:

Aleksi50 14 2004 4:50AM

Jeremiah, actually you would be talking about Soviet Ukraine. ;-)

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