Hundreds of photos of Frisbees  APR 26 2004

Hundreds of photos of Frisbees.

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Deaf Guy19 26 2004 6:19PM

One might note that on load there is a HUGELY FUCKING ANNOYING SOUND FILE that blasts the motherfucking shit out of your ears if you are wearing headphones.

Robert50 26 2004 6:50PM

Yeah the sound is pretty annoying, but the frisbees are great. It's almost as good as actually playing with a frisbee to procrastinate.

Really Deaf Guy19 26 2004 8:19PM

Hey, I'm deaf. What sound?

Also, I had a black one of those. Boy, does this site take me back:

cheapbastard18 27 200412:18AM

I now officially have too much time on hands. The only person with more time on his hands, is the guy put up the frisbee site.

Jeremiah43 27 200412:43AM

Heh @ deaf guy. The same thing happened to me.

Vaska59 27 2004 5:59AM

Kottke, there should be a warning on this to not click on that link while drinking morning coffee - causes quite a panic. ;)

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